Our Approach

    Learning a language is more than just theory and repetition; learning effectively is about putting a language to use with the help of an attentive and qualified teacher. With Denizen, that is exactly what you'll get. What sets us apart is finding the right balance between theory and use. That balance allows us to both introduce new material effectively and to identify problem areas. The result is the thorough kind of development people strive for.

We also believe in providing in depth services - we offer document reviews, presentation aid, and go as far as organizing translations.


Wreszcie nie wstydzę się mówić po angielsku. Lekcje były prowadzone w przyjemnej atmosferze i dobrze skonstruowane.

U. Wilczewska Teacher

Jestem bardzo zadowolona, mój lektor był świetnie przygotowany do każdych zajęć.

D. Kaczyńska Secretary

The lessons I had were organized for exactly what I needed. Being able to review papers for work also came in handy.

M. Orczyk Manager

My instructor was clear and understanding. I improved a lot, and I think it was definitely worth it.

M. Pietraszek Student